Bin Tray

Custom Bin Tray

Carton packaging boxes do not disappoint you ever. Their function is to help you run your business smoothly and deliver your precious products to potential customers. A single type of packaging solution is not workable for all industries and products. The packaging industry is flooded with so many useful and impressive solutions for you. If you are running a business that demands the storage of lots of items, then Bin tray is the right choice for you.

Perfect Storage for Warehouse

A high-quality corrugate bin tray is meant to keep your utilities in it. Keep your products in the warehouse in such boxes and take them out for sale when you like. Storage issues arise when you are having had a plethora of items. Businesses keep on looking for the packaging boxes to keep the items inside it. Corrugate material is stiff and firm enough to hold the product in it without moving or shaking. Bin tray confines your consignment, and you can stack one tray above the other. The nature and characteristics of the bin tray are ideal for keeping your product in one place. These are crafted in open box trays with excellent quality materials such as kraft or cardboard. Maintaining inventory was not this much easier box. Bin tray confine much of the products without occupying colossal space.

Bin Tray with Dividers

If you are looking for a bin tray that not only stores the items perfectly by retaining it intact in one place, then bin tray with divider is the right option. These dividers are inserted at a proper position, which keeps one item separate from the other. This segregation confines several products at a single place without disturbing each other. Corrugate material or cardboard used for the construction of bin tray is of exceptional thickness. Dividers in the bin tray prevent the rolling of products inside the tray. Indeed, it makes the product carry process quite easy. Organize products perfectly with the help of bin tray with dividers. It would not be wrong to say that it is an essential item for the warehouse where you need to keep little objects. Besides having the open-top bin trays, there exit other forms too. These can be stackable bin trays as well as kraft open bin trays.

Low Rates and Discounts

What can be more appealing than getting your business needs done at low rates! Get the quote for your bin trays, and you may order the test quantity of 50 bin trays to give it a try. Customize these with the brand name and keep it on the retail to grab customer's attention. Our high-quality bin trays are available in your desired shape and size at affordable prices. Get these at discounted prices on bulk order. Our services would satisfy you more and more as we offer free graphic designing as well as free shipping service in the USA and Canada.