Half Slotted Container

Custom Half Slotted Container

HSC stands for half slotted contained. It is such a type of packaging box which is similar to the regular slotted container. However, the main difference lies in its features that it has the uncovered top. The absence of one set of flaps makes the upper portion to be uncovered. When it comes to the folds of half slotter container, all the flaps are found to be of the same length. There do exist outer flaps in half slotted container which meet the pack at the mid when it is subjected to erect position. The meeting of bottom flaps occurs when the box is folded.

Perfect Maintenance of Inventory

These durable and reliable packaging boxes are perfect to be used for maintaining inventory. HSC boxes are highly versatile boxes which find its application in:

  • Packaging
  • Storing
  • Transport

It also finds its application as donation boxes. When it comes to quick transport, then nothing proves to be more useful than the half slotted container. It offers massively rapid transport in the manufacturing plants. In addition to this, it could be used as a storage bin where you can keep lots of your business products to maintain inventory. Using HSC boxes in the warehouse makes you tense-free as you can use it ideally for counting and managing the products in the warehouse. As the top is uncovered, you could have a glance about the products kept inside. It can be considered as a stylish and trendy tray. We believe in delivering the half slotted container in the flat form to the potential customers. Business, where selling is the main domain, finds difficulty in managing their products in the warehouse. These must take the aid of half slotted container. Shifting of goods at the manufacturing plant is hectic from one place to another. It is made more accessible and convenient by the use of half slotted container.

Stylish and Trendy Half Slotted Container

These types of containers are meant to perform the same function as the regular slotted container. The missing thing in such kind of boxes is the protection at the top. There is having no flap at the top, so it is felt that the protection of the products may be at risk. However, for closing the top, the lid can be used. Assembling of half slotted container does not take much elbow grease. It is rapid and quite simple. The two sets of flaps that the half slotted container contains are ample to secure it. The sizes of the packaging boxes matter a lot. These are known to be deciding factor about the products that can be kept inside the box. We manufacture half slotted containers in various sizes with the perfect customization. Our graphic designing services are worthy enough that these would display the name of your company and logo quite correctly on the boxes. Both the artwork and logo display on the packaging boxes matters a lot. It has the power to grab the attention of customers. So, you can order a stylish and trendy half slotted container for your business.