Telescoping Boxes

Custom Telescoping Boxes

The packaging world has come up with great innovative and creative boxes. One of the most significant and incredible innovation is telescoping boxes. Perfectly shaped items do not find any difficulty in packaging and delivering to the customers. But there do exist few industries which make irregular shaped products. These are hard to be packed as no packaging box confines these properly. At such a crucial time, telescoping boxes seem to play its keen role by providing a place to such irregular shaped items for secure delivery to the customers.

Categories of Telescoping Boxes

These can be flat telescopic boxes or tall telescopic boxes. If you are facing difficulty in the packaging of mirrors, then you can take the aid of these telescoping boxes. In addition to this, the large framed art can be easily packed inside the flat telescoping boxes. Likewise, the people running the business of lamps, golf clubs, and rugs do not need to worry about the packaging of their products. Tall telescopic boxes prove to be best for such products. In addition to this, products like cue sticks, fishing rods, golf equipment, etc. find proper packaging inside such boxes. So, it gets perfectly fit into the sports industry.

As the telescoping boxes are used to pack worthy and heavy products, the material used for construction needs to be of high strength. The most commonly used stock for the creation of telescoping boxes includes Kraft corrugated material. These are massively adjustable due to their two-piece set. Share the dimension of your products and get the telescoping boxes accordingly. The full overlap bottom of these splendid and impressive boxes ensures to provide added strength to the pack. There exist one outer and one inner box which is assembled precisely to complete the set.

Branding of Telescoping Boxes

Make your brand a marvelous success by using the tactic of graphic designing on the boxes. Please mention the name of your company on telescoping boxes to get spread to more people. These can have theme designs, solid colors, or textures on the packs. Additionally, displaying the logo of the company, along with the slogan, leads to a distinguished outcome. The ink used for digital printing on the boxes should not be taken for granted. So, we use the eloquent quality of ink and stock for printing and construction of packaging, respectively. Share your incredible designs with us so that we make your dream come true the way you wish. However, our skilled graphic design team is all time active to serve you with their professional expertise. Feel free to share details of your products and let the wonders begin. Enjoy free delivery across the UK and Canada only in 8 business days. Our manufactured telescoping boxes are massively reliable and durable. The credit for this goes to our skilled team and advanced machinery. Both shipping and graphic design services are offered to customers with no charges at all. Be a brand and play your role effectively in the competitive market!