Sleeve Boxes

Custom Sleeve Boxes

Want the packaging solution with the additional security? If yes, then sleeve boxes are just perfect for you. Many products cannot be packed in simple packaging boxes. So, for such substances, the packs with an extra layer of protection are preferred. Manufacturing of such packaging is indeed an enormous task. It can be fulfilled perfectly with the aid of top-quality cardboard stock.

Protection for Fragile Products

Sleeve boxes are the boxes which can be recognized from their appearance. The reliable base panel is durable and sturdy due to the use of such eloquent quality stock. This panel is capable of being split into sleeves. The sleeve boxes' basic functionality is to keep the product placed on the base panel to be unharmed. The base panel is like a tray. It is responsible for marinating the originality of the products, hence the packaging of fragile products is a severe challenge.

Business people have to endure a great deal of loss if their packaging of products is not up to the mark. Ultimately, the chances of product breakage reach to the optimum. Not only this, but the reputation of the business is also at stake. Such companies do not stay in the market for longer and leave an adverse impression and loss to the company. With the use of sleeve boxes, the gifts and various fragile items can be packed correctly. The additional security granted by the sleeve boxes makes the businessmen feel tension-free about the delivery of products. Feel confident while packing the macarons, candle stand, candles, decoration items, glass, etc. Sleeve boxes provide optimum coverage to the products, so it remains safe from internal and external hazards.

Shipping and Discounts of Boxes

The primary reason behind not ordering the right type of boxes is that business people are much afraid about the cost of packaging boxes. They are so scared of being overcharged. They must be aware of the fact that packaging boxes are not meant for the transport of products only but also conveying the message of your business to others. Yes, it is the right marketing tool that does not demand an extra penny from you. Our expert team of professionals is all-time available to solve your business issue by offering an impressive and brilliant graphic designing to your boxes. We deliver your order to you in the least turnaround time. You can even get a quote for your order online by visiting our website.Who does not wish to avail discounts? Surely, all businesses are in search of it, so we comprehend your needs and demands. Hence, we offer a lot of concessions to our customers on their bulk orders. However, the flexibility of trial boxes is provided to customers by providing the chance to order the minimum quantity of merely 50 boxes. Upon satisfaction, you can order as many as you like—relish delivery of your orders free of cost in Canada and the USA.