1-2-3 Bottom Tray

1-2-3 Bottom Tray

Are you looking for a packaging solution that lets you showcase your adorable products to the customers? The display is indeed on keen significance in every business. 1-2-3 bottom tray can fulfill all of your packaging needs perfectly.

1-2-3 Bottom Tray Leading to Rapid Sales in Retail Outlets

People do not purchase until they are having had an idea about the product. The outlook of the product has a magical power to grab the attention of customers and leave a positive impression. Business people can bring magic to their sales by choosing the right packaging boxes. 1-2-3 bottom tray is one of the high-end packaging solutions for people who wish to expose their products to people.

Flat Packaging Solution for Small Objects

1-2-3 bottom tray is a fantastic packaging solution that perfectly suits your needs. It is a packaging which is delivered in flat to you, and it is quite easy to assemble. It perfectly suits the small products. Small and tiny products can be kept with ease in these trays. However, it equally works for the medium size products too. So, the best way to grab the packaging is to order it online and get it customized to the way you like. Custom size and shape would provide a competitive edge to your business in less time. The tray is stiff and strong enough to carry the weight of items correctly. These can be with or without lids as per your choice.

Custom Sizes of 1-2-3 bottom Trays

The feature of the -2-3 bottom tray is that it gains the attention of people entering the store. Yeah, placing it at the retail outlet in the impulse rack would lead to rapid sales. Such kind of packaging is so amazing to be used in supermarkets and retail stores. We offer 1-2-3 bottom trays in customized shapes and sizes. Not only this, but we are also completely aware of the digital printing techniques that would stick the eyes of customers to your product packaging. We do not charge any penny for the graphic design. So, you can get the maximum for your business at reasonable rates by placing your order to us. Bulk orders are further associated with huge discounts as well. These trays are durable and sturdy with elegant designs on them. Use it as a source of branding to save even more.

Speedy Delivery to Doorsteps

Gone are the days when the customer has to wait for longer to receive their orders. Run your business smoothly as delay in delivering packaging boxes can leave an adverse impact on your business. We comprehend such facts and hence ensure to ship your order right to your doorstep in a few business days only. We take eight business days to please you with our services—no need to pay charges for the shipping if you are residing in Canada or the US. Our team of experts ensures that you use the best quality cardboard stock so that you do not get disappointed by the functionality of boxes.