Terms & Conditions

It is imperative that you carefully read and understand our terms and conditions mentioned below while using this website. If you do not agree with any of these terms and conditions, we strongly advise you to please not use this website. Also, Quick Custom Boxes reserves the right to upgrade these terms and conditions whenever they want, without any prior notice. Referencing to these terms and conditions at this point includes all kinds of rules, additional guidelines, and regulations posted on the website. It would be best if the visitor visits and interprets these terms and conditions every time he/she visits our website. It is also prohibited to copy, steal, plagiarize, or republish any of the materials or software that is present on our website. Quick Custom Boxes reserves the right to refuse to produce any order that they think is inappropriate or illegal in any way. Additionally, the clients are entirely responsible for their use of any material and content and combining it with any other kind of text, graphics, images, etc. that they would incorporate in their products.

Your data and files

We, at Quick Custom Boxes, are not responsible if any harm or damage is caused to the media and artwork files and data provided by our clients. The client must be cautious and careful enough to keep a backup and original version of the files before sharing. The client must also be prepared to experience some minor color differences and changes in the output device and the physical print itself. It is because there are different output devices, and all produce somewhat differing outputs, e.g., LCD and LED show different outputs.

Custom Quote

Please make sure that you keep in mind the expiry date of the price quote. The estimated price quote expires after 30 days from the date of its issuance. After this period, the client has to request the custom quote all over again. Quick Custom boxes, however, reserves the right to cancel your order if our system and pricing software generates a wrong quote. We hold the responsibility for getting back to the customer and notifying them of the issued pricing within 24 hours of them placing an order.

Order Cancellation

The customer has the right to cancel an order unless it is already shipped. In this case, it cannot be canceled, and you would not get a refund for it. The following are the conditions and fees for if you want to cancel an order:

Within 24 hours of placing the order. (10% of the invoice)
During the mid-production of the client's order. (50% of the invoice)
The ordered products are ready but not yet shipped. (80% of the invoice)

Return Policy

Customer satisfaction is our top priority. We make sure all our orders produced are up to the mark and precisely the way our clients want them to be. Quick Custom Boxes aims to provide its clients with top quality boxing and packaging options and makes sure that they are free from any errors. However, sometimes the clients are just not pleased with the outcomes. If the customer is somehow displeased and unsatisfied with their order and it does not meet their requirements, Quick Custom Boxes will reproduce and ship your order again. However, the customer cannot request a refund. Also, we are not responsible for the reproduction if the source of the error is found to be in the media and data files provided by the clients. For example, if the image was in a lower resolution, any font errors, or any other mistakes or corrections that were not mentioned by the client during proofreading of the digital samples. Also, the client must have the idea that there will be minor color differences between the physical prints and the output devices because all output devices show different results like LEDs and LCDs showing different color tones and effects.

Order Changes

We begin the production of your orders as soon as we receive the advance payment, so you cannot request any changes in designs and sizes or any other detailing once the payment has been made. Thus it is entirely the client's responsibility to make sure they make all the necessary changes and decisions before the transactions have been made and approved. Quick Custom Boxes is thus not liable for any changes a client wishes to make after the payments have been made and the production has started.

Turnaround timing

The duration of the turnaround begins after the day that the project has been approved. However, for bulk and big orders, the turnaround time may vary a little, depending on the quantity of the purchase. We produce and deliver our orders on time, but if somehow, any delays occur, Quick Custom Boxes immediately notifies its clients. However, we are not responsible for any delays caused by the courier service.


Our company requires clients to make payments in advance. The default estimate pricing generated by our pricing software is set to be in US dollars. However, if you do need a custom quotation in any other currency, don't hesitate and contact Quick Custom Boxes for that. We will begin the production of your custom orders once the invoice has been paid. You can pay us through multiple, feasible payment methods, including PayPal, Wire Transfer, Check, and Credit cards.

Product images

Quick Custom Boxes reserves the right to photograph the products they have produced and use their pictures on their website for marketing. If the client does not approve of that and has a problem with it, kindly email us at support@quickcustomboxes.com.

Ink and Colors

We use different types of inks here at Quick Custom Boxes, including Soy-based ink and CMYK+PMS modes for printing. If the client demands and requires some special inks like fluorescent or metallic inks, it would need some extra money. Customers will have to pay a little additional fee for using these specialized inks on their custom projects.