Five Panel Folders

Custom Five Panel Folder Boxes

Five-panel folder boxes are amazingly ideal boxes for the perfect packaging of large objects. Let us find out how these packaging boxes are unique to the other packs! Well, it contains a 5th panel, which makes it distinguished from others. Indeed, this 5th panel is the main reason behind the name of these packaging boxes. The role o this 5th panel is to provide additional security for closing the pack that perfectly covers all the sides of the box. The stacking strength and outstanding protection are vital functions that the five-panel folder boxes get.

Everyday Use of Five Panel Folder Boxes

The world of packaging boxes is quite vast. Some of the packaging boxes are part of particular industries, while others can be a part of various sectors at the same time. Five-panel folder boxes belong to the category of packaging boxes that perfectly fit different industries. The stock which is used for the construction of these stylish and sturdy boxes is corrugated material. It provides more cushioning during the product shipment. Five-panel folder boxes are used for a variety of functions. However, the most common uses of these super stunning and elegant boxes are as follows:

  • Custom Shipping Boxes
  • Long Narrow Items Packaging
  • Gift Boxes
  • Kitting Box
  • Rails
  • Food Packaging
  • Picture frame Packaging
  • Metal Parts

You can use it to fulfill all such exciting functions. These multipurpose packaging boxes are quite sturdy and firm nature. Hence, enduring the weight is of no issue to them. Besides this, the use of high quality and eco-friendly corrugated material makes it easier for them to use and ship it like a piece of cake. Previously, businesses had to suffer a lot due to poor shipment of their products to the customers. But, the selection of the right material and best quality has come into the field to deal with such issues precisely.

Our Excellent Services for Customers

Customers are of keen significance for us. Hence, we believe in enhancing their confidence and trust in us. We offer lots of fantastic services to them free of cost so that they could save much. We are against providing the best services by burdening the customer pocket. The use of advanced machinery ensures that all the products get the proper symmetry with the perfect finishing. Our designed boxes ensure to provide the professional appeal to your packs. Hence, we carefully create boxes through our experience and skills. When it comes to the shipment of your order, then you do not need to worry about it. We offer to dispatch your order to you only in a few business days. The least turnaround time, quality of products free shipping, and free digital printing services has made us win our customer's hearts. Please provide us with details about the product you are selling so that we could design boxes accordingly. Custom boxes are much better ones. Please do not settle for the plain five-panel folder boxes but get the excellent appeal of it. So, the magic begins!