One Piece Folder

Custom One Piece Folder Boxes

OPF stands for one-piece of folder boxes. It belongs to the category of self-locking packaging boxes. One-piece folder boxes are designed with the aid of cardboard stock or corrugated stock and contain the side flaps, end flaps, and bottom flap.

Ship Flat Items With Confidence in One Piece Folder Boxes

The stock is allowed to run on the advanced machinery so that we get our desired packaging box. Quick to assemble one-piece folder boxes are worthy of speedy packaging and loading. All the flaps of the one-piece folder boxes are of extreme importance. Thes get joined to give it the shape of the packaging box—order as many one-piece folder boxes for your business as you like. Packaging boxes are part and parcel of almost every industry. Let this one-time investment relish you positive outcomes.

Packaging Solution for Flat Items

Products can differ in terms of shape, size, and weight. It is the reason that businesses have to select the packaging box quite wisely. Else, the essence of business declines, and reputation gets damaged. There are many of the packaging solutions available for products of different dimensions and thickness. However, it becomes difficult to choose the packaging box, which could confine the flat items ideally. Just like other items, flat items need to be delivered to the customer safely. Business dealing with plaques, albums, or books finds it hard to keep their hands on the right packaging boxes. So, for them, one-piece folder boxes would prove to be the right one. Due to the heir self-locking ability and shape, these can entirely contain flat products. For the trail purpose, you may order as little quantity of 50 boxes only. We offer facilitation for our respected customers to build their trust and confidence in us. Upon satisfaction, you may order in bulk to run your business smoothly.

Perfect Detailing of Packaging Boxes

One-piece folder boxes with perfect detailing are known to fulfill marketing purposes. Our team of professionals focuses on all the parameters of packaging boxes. Hence, all the packaging boxes are uniform in appearance. The symmetry of all one piece folder boxes in one badge is similar. In addition to this, the digital printing of these is as per your given instructions. However, in the case of no guidance, you can share your concerns with us so that we design the boxes according to our skills and experience. Custom shape, size, and themes are like a piece of cake for us. Not only this, but we offer amazingly brilliant services such as shipping of order and graphic designing free of cost. Branding of your business at least price is possible when you choose to place your order to us. Do not forget to get the quote of your order before placing your order so that you could estimate the expenditure.