Regular Slotted Container

Custom Regular Slotted Containers

The regular slotted container is such a kind of packaging box that demands staples, tape, or glue to close them. With the aid of these additional accessories, you can bind your regular slotted container.

Regular Slotted Container - Most Frequently Used Types of Packaging

For the security of the packaging box, it does contain flaps inside it. All the folds of the regular slotted containers are of uniform dimensions. The structure of the regular slotted container demonstrates it to have two outer flaps. Their length is about one half of the width of the regular slotted container. Such a structure makes it easier for the folds to meet at the center. The flaps at the top of the box join together and are then closed with tape. It prevents the products from falling from the container and allows you to carry it to the warehouse with ease. Transport issues get entirely solved as the box is appropriately closed from all sides and secured with the tape or glue.

Application in Multiple Industries

Due to its durability and unusual structure, it is used for a wide variety of fo applications. The regular slotted container is equally useful for the inventory purpose as well as for delivery purposes. It can easily carry a lot of products inside it. The main parameter which differs from the regular slotted container for other packaging boxes is its flaps. It is a worthy packaging type for most of the industries such as:

  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Food Industry
  • Cosmetic Industry

These are the most efficient type of boxes which are ideal or packaging of consumer items. It can be designed in any shape and size as per the needs of the business. The minimum quantity of regular slotted contained to be ordered from us is only 50. Switch towards the right packaging choice and give wings to your business.

Digital Printing and Discount on Bulks

Significance of digital printing cannot be denied for the world of packaging. The perfect packaging boxes are meant to take your business to several steps ahead. Using the best ink for designing brilliant designs on the packaging boxes is our main domain. Our experts are much aware of the fact that it is the right way for you to convert your business into a brand. Say goodbye to the dull and boring designs of your packaging boxes as it could be one of the main reasons for the least sales. Discounts appeal to everyone, and hence we offer all the regular slotted containers to our loyal and beloved customers at wholesale price. Please place your order in bulk and enjoy discounts on it.

Advanced machinery is used for the manufacturing of regular slotted containers. Corrugated or cardboard stock is allowed to pass through the high technology machines under the supervision of a professional team. All the boxes manufactured ar exactly uniform to each other, and none differs from the other in the same badge. These are then appropriately checked and tested to verify their quality.