Five Panel Hangers

Custom Five Panel Hanger Boxes

The strength of the five-panel hanger box is ample to withstand the weight of the product perfectly. The credit for this goes to our unmatchable quality.

Applications and Characteristics

Five-panel hanger boxes come with amazing qualities and functions. The main features of our five-panel hanger boxes are given as below:

  • Customizable sizes, shapes, and designs
  • Perfect for primary display
  • Contains hanger tab
  • Worthy for retail
  • Attachable to clip
  • Can be inserted in hooks

These boxes are known to be the best boxes for drawing the attention of masses towards it. The structure of it reveals its primary structure. The best part of these packaging boxes is having had a die-cut tab at the top of these boxes. This tab is of keen significance and is the selfish reason behind the name of these packaging boxes. It is the hanger tab, which is meant to add amazing features of hanging to these boxes. If you are looking for the most reasonable way of boosting the product display, then these boxes are just right for you. In addition to this, the window crafted at the front of the packaging boxes is a fabulous approach. It provides the view of the product even without opening the five-panel hanger box. It is a fabulous packaging box for mobile accessories, toys, cosmetics, etc. All the industries that are looking for a showcase of their super marvelous and worthy products should keep their hands-on five-panel hanger boxes. These are the types of boxes that perfectly fulfill your desires of product showcasing in no time. Hardware developers and toy manufacturers definitely can boost up their sales with such packs.

Five Panel Hanger Boxes at Wholesale Price

Although five-panel hanger boxes are a one-time investment, every person in business would like to do at least price. Saving more is the main funda for business people. We completely understand this point, and hence we offer you various benefits in terms of your order price and discounts. Get your order at wholesale price and enjoy additional discounts on making bulk purchases from us. Not only this, but you can also enjoy more savings by getting free shipping in the UK and Canada. Getting the graphic design service for free of cost is like a cherry on the cake. Our team of experts won't let you make compromises on the quality. Feel free to get a quote on your order and place your order as much as you like. Customization of five-panel hanger boxes makes it to be super appealing and fabulous to confine the product inside it.Five-panel hanger boxes require cardboard for processing of it. These retail boxes have the power to attract the customers and to generate significant revenue for you. Our designers know well the tactics to lay with colors. They choose the most vibrant colors and similar design the boxes according to your business niche. It would let you define your brand to your customers through a visible approach.