Reverse Tuck-end Boxes

Custom Reverse Tuck End Boxes

Reverse tuck end boxes belong to the category of packaging boxes that are locked with the use of hands.

Features of Reverse Tuck End Boxes

It contains to have an attached lid on it, which secures the products inside it. In addition to this, reverse tuck end boxes contain two flaps as well. The folds are directed towards each other. These super awesome boxes also include a front panel that is used for closing the boxes after placing the product inside it.There are a plethora of industries which get benefit from this packaging solution. The reason behind this is that the reverse tuck end box is capable of carrying heavy weight products with convenience. Trendy and stylish reverse tuck end boxes are most frequently used for packaging of:

  • Retail Products
  • Food Items
  • Cosmetic Products
  • Gift Products

Presenting gifts to customers in the plain boxes does not make any sense. Indeed, it spoils the essence of the present. Hence, the packaging is the pre thing with which every customer encounters to the very first time. So, please do not risk your first impression on the customers and add value to it by getting the sturdy, reliable, and stylish reverse tuck end boxes.

Rapid Assembly of Boxes

If you want to give our customers a splendid unboxing experience, then reverse tuck end boxes are just perfect for you. Unboxing such packaging boxes and keeping out the product outside is an extreme excitement. Display the reverse tuck end boxes on the retail outlets to aware masses about your brand. The support that it provides to heavy products is remarkable. These are shipped to the customers in the pre-glued form. Hence, customers do not need to bother about the gluing during the time of assembling the boxes. Say goodbye to the staples, tape, and glues! Assemble your desired reverse tuck end boxes in no time with the use of human resources only. Even, assembling the bulk of such packs is quite easy and rapid. The credit for this goes to its pre gluing.

We Craft Boxes that Your Love

Production and shipping time of the reverse tuck end boxes is quite least. It is available to the doorsteps of customers only in 8 business days. It is our responsibility to make your reverse tuck end boxes look stylish and trendy. We offer different exciting options for your packaging, which include embossing, coating, lamination, etc. In addition to this, you can uplift the display of your precious and worthy products through the use of windows on it. If you are terrible at designing and feel frustrated about it, then share your concerns with us. We would craft super trendy boxes for you with the most enchanting and mesmerizing designs on it.Share your designs to us by uploading on our website or getting perfect designs for your boxes in the least time. We will wait for your approval to make a start.