Food Sleeves

Custom Food Sleeves

The packaging is crucial in any industry and even more so in the perishable food industry where there is a risk of getting food damaged easily. Food sleeve packing is rather popular and uses a slip-on sleeve for the products that are sealed air-tight and uses containers of see-through plastic.

Custom Sleeves for Food Packaging

There is no denying about the fact, that be it food packaging or any other form of packaging, it is always worth investing in. Proper packaging is what makes your product stand out among others and make your customers pick them off the shelf. With the right kind of packaging, you can enhance sales, boost recognition, and even gain ROI.

The Convenience of Seeing the Product

Over the years, sleeve has become a leading model of packaging in the food industry. They are widely used in packing cupcakes, pastries, and other baked goodies. This packing attracts customers as they can see the product and then make the buying decision. You can also print the information about the product or your company logo on the packaging. Sleeve packaging is ideal for ready-made food items such as baked items.

Ease of Adding a Seal

Using sleeve boxes makes food securing a lot easier for the customers. Then there is the convenience of adding the tampering seal. Many products come with a tag you have to take off to eat it, making it noticeable if the food item has been tampered with. It is essential because if you have no idea that the cake or pastry you have bought has been tampered with, you might not be getting what you have paid for.

Prevents Scratches or Tears to Packaging

You can stay assured that your product not only remains fresh for consumption but is also safe from any scratches or tears. With the help of sleeve, the customers can have a look at your product as mostly these packages have mirror-finished printed graphics that are not too easy to tear or scrape off. Your label will remain intact during unloading or shipping.

Reduce Waste

If you are into the food industry, you would know that the real cost, about 90% of it, goes to the food. There is only a small portion to spend on the packaging. Also, you should seek ways to lessen waste as much as possible because the food is expensive. If packaging can help you increase the shelf life of your bakery item, it could lead translate into substantial savings for manufacturers. Using research and development and technical skills could make you answer the market demands. Sleeves can play a crucial role in overcoming market challenges.

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