Popcorn Boxes

Custom Popcorn Boxes

Well, who doesn't love popcorns? No one! You guessed it right. Everyone loves these light, low calorie, flavorful snacks that are an essential item at the cinema, especially and even movie marathons at home or with friends. Popcorns come in so many different flavors and varieties these days like butter, cheese, plain, salted, jalapeno, black pepper, caramel flavor, and so on. They are also sold in unique and delicious combinations at Cinemas like caramel and salted mix or popcorn mixed with flaming hot Cheetos, etc. With so many cinemas selling popcorns and independent companies and businesses too, Popcorn boxes hold immense importance in the market place.

Convenience and handling

One of the inherent features of popcorn boxes is that they help you take several little snacks through collecting and organizing them in one place. They help us to carry them conveniently whether we are at the cinema or home, and we can move around and take them with us. It is also because the boxes are so lightweight and compact, easy to carry, and they can easily support the weight of these snacks. These boxes can also be reused later for decorative and craft-making purposes.

Advertisement and marketing

You can customize and personalize your popcorn boxes with innovative and alluring designs that not only market your brand but also attract people to purchase your company's popcorn. They are a source of advertising because they are superbly colored and designed, with attractive pictures, logos, company names and information, labels, etc. For cinema business owners selling popcorns, you can also print movie posters and schedules on the boxes, performing double the function, advertisement, and information provision. They serve as a marketing tool for independent popcorn companies and theatres to promote their products too. The boxes also protect your food inside and help keep it fresh and flavorful. The box packaging plays a crucial role in attracting customers and deciding to purchase it.

Green packaging option

Popcorn boxes are made out of card stock, corrugated cardboard, and Kraft Card stock, making them ideal, lightweight, and environment-friendly products. Cardboard and card stock are recyclable and can be repurposed, making it a very green and Eco-friendly option. It not only helps the environment and helps your business with sales but also creates a very positive image of your company in consumers' minds.

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