Lipstick Boxes

Custom Lipstick Boxes

A customer decides on buying your products within a fraction of second by looking at your packaging. It is the first experience that he has with your product. And that interaction determines whether you have been successful in catching your customer’s eye. Lipsticks are a crucial part of our daily routine. You cannot go out without painting your lips with gorgeous color.

Customized Cardboard Boxes

If you are into the cosmetic business, and manufacture lipsticks, you surely are of the view that your product feature a grand array of colors. You think that they enhance that perfect pout while matching with all skin tones. But are you that sure about your lipstick box packaging? Would women go for them? We believe that the cardboard boxes your lipsticks come in should be as alluring and possess aesthetic appeal as the shade itself. Both the lipstick and the packaging, quality, and impression wise should go hand in hand. At Quick Custom Boxes, we have a wide range of folding cartons in varying sizes and shapes. We offer a wide range of customization options. You can even choose to die-cut window panes to boost the visibility of the enclosed product.

Durable Packaging for Lipsticks

Lipstick boxes with your company emblem printed on them not only adds beauty but also protect them from scratches and breaking. Likewise, artworks and designing could play an essential role in catching your customer's eye. You can trust us to design the best-customized packaging for your product. If you have any design or look in mind, you could tell us. We would try to match up to your expectations and create packaging that will become a trademark of your lipstick.

Customized Packaging of your Cosmetic Brand

With the help of our cosmetic boxes, you can display your product effectively. But, it is no easy feat. In this cut-throat competition where national and international makeup brands both have a huge demand, you have to make sure that you are successful in making a packaging that makes people stop and check your product. And that requires professional skills and expertise. We have a professional team of designers who are going to make sure that you are satisfied. Our team is dedicated to the goal of customer satisfaction.

Digital Printing

We shall provide you with digital printing on your customized packages in the best rates, quality, and short turnaround time. We use state-of-the-art equipment for printing. We take into account all the needs of our customers and provide customized packaging that is bound to attract customers and increase sales. We have experience spanning over the years, and we provide professional printing services to our customers promptly. Quick Custom Boxes offers a wide range of customization options for you so you can design lipstick boxes for your brand just the way you want affordably. You can know more about our products by contacting us at 800-787-4649. You can also email us at to get further details about our product variety and prices.