Chipboard Boxes

Custom Chipboard Boxes

Chipboard is just perfect for the packaging of lightweight objects. It is available in a great deal of thickness, shapes, and sizes. Hence, it perfectly gets fitted and suited for different types of industries. One example of such packaging boxes is of cereal boxes.

Chipboard Boxes - A Major Part of Consumer Industry

The world of packaging is vast, while for some people, it is confined only to a six-sided box. For them, a pack is the one that is made up of cardboard. However, there do exist a variety of packaging boxes with different shapes and dimensions to fulfill business needs. The material most often used for these packaging solutions include kraft, corrugated, or cardboard. Many of the businessmen take boxes for granted and get a simple one for their business. However, spending time on making the right selection can make a huge difference.

Sturdy Nature of Chipboard Boxes

Chipboard boxes are of the most elegant types of packaging boxes. It can be manufactured in different ways, and likewise, it can be used for various purposes as well. These packaging boxes are known well for their super fantastic strength. When it comes to the creation of chipboard boxes, they are manufactured using two sheets of paper. Place a folded paper inside these sheets. However, to make it more sturdy, this piece of paper is replaced by the cardboard stock. The thickness of the cardboard stock used for making the chipboard depends on the purpose of the box.

Part of Consumer Industries

Branding of business with these chipboard boxes is quite more comfortable. It can be used as a perfect marketing tool for grabbing the attention of customers. Many of the businessmen choose chipboard not merely for packaging but also for delivering products. These are known to be super amazing and classy giveaway boxes.

Custom shapes and sizes of chipboard boxes grant more attraction and value to it. These may vary from tall to narrow or short to large packaging boxes. These work well as jewelry boxes, gift boxes, etc. Before placing an order of packaging boxes, analyze the weight and dimension of your product. These are known to provide an additional layer of protection to your product during shipping. These are indeed white lined paperboard boxes meant to be used for an industry dealing with consumer items. These typically involve sectors such as the pharma industry, food industry, etc. Provide more grace and elegance to chipboard boxes with the aid of lamination. Lamination can be matte or glossy and ensure to add more charm to the chipboard boxes.

Graphic Designing and Shipping

Chipboard boxes are incomplete without the perfect graphic designing or digital printing on them. Chipboard boxes are much more than delivery boxes but a source of branding as well. Logo and company name prints on the chipboard boxes make your brand reach to masses with visualization only. Enjoy this service free of cost by selecting our company to serve you. Additionally, we offer free shipping services for your business throughout Canada and the USA.